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If you have experienced services provided by me, participated with some of the charity programmes I have humbly launched, or if you have simply enjoyed visiting this site: A positive word of feedback, regarding your experience of me and my work will be much appreciated.

Thank you,


i like ur energy... !

Fredro Starr (of hip hop group Onyx)

Its really cool Jiten. Put a big smile on my face.

Therese Grankvist (International, top 10 chart pop star)

Well done for being so open Jiten - as well as generous - you have a big open heart...

Heather Vincent

Dear Jiten, Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful music video with me, it was a delight to listen to.

Susan Hardwick

Wonderful photos 

Ravi Yemula

Excellent work. Great website. Blessings.

Narendra Lodhia