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'Animal Matters' articles:

Every two months, an article called 'Animal Matters' shall be written on the topic of the animal kingdom and it’s place in the divine world. i.e. What do the great ones say about animals in relation to divinity and creation? And, what should our roles and attitiudes be towards them?

If this topic is a of concern to you, please do navigate to the 'Animal Matters' section, and you will find some wonderful research carried out by Mercini Sherratt... - Her articles will continue to inform us all about this most interesting and important topic.

To help raise money for this cause: Music specifically produced for this incentive can also be bought: All of the profits are directly being sent towards helping neglected animals. To listen to the charity music that can be purchased, please go to:

To purchase the charity music, or for receiving further information on this incentive; please make contact:

[email protected]