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Jiten Thakrar is a highly experienced media personality, whose reputation with the creative as well as the engineering aspects of his craft has been growing rapidly with time since his inception in the industry.

His education and training have equipped him with the essential skill-sets and enhanced his expertise, enabling him to master his art at a profound level.

Having specialised in 3-dimensional design, photography, audio engineering and being specifically selected by the BBC (out of over 450 applicants) for a 3 year training scheme, Jiten's all round and high level media knowledge contributes largely to his production skills.

He has worked for some of the giants in the media industry, including the BBC, on programs for Television channels such as BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC 3, News 24, and World Service. Jiten was also the lead of 11 Radio studios, including Radio 4, Radio 5 and Asian Network.